Your Business Automated


Urbane Room builds the SaaS Platform to help small-medium hotels manage hotel prices efficiently with data-driven insights and automated Revenue Management.


Build your hotel forecast as your performance benchmark and anticipate any further demand. Forecast your hotel using day-of-the-week data trends so you could measure the booking pace on a daily basis.

Urbane HQ will help you decide your hotel pricing dynamically based on forecast, scenario and competitor pricing. All price changes will be delivered automatically via Channel Manager Integration.

Automatically manage your availability across all channels with a click. Urbane HQ helps you avoid the enormous workload of collecting guest data, room assignment, and tracking room allocation.

Revenue Management Service

The only service that could deliver the best potential for your hotel performance. Our dedicated team will assist your property in preparing for adopting our SaaS Platform. We will help to anticipate any risk or capture undiscovered demand.